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How to install one way perspective glass? Raise knowledge!

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How to install one way perspective glass? Raise knowledge!





Hello, I'm Xiaobian. The installation of one-way perspective glass shall follow the following steps:




1. Unidirectional perspective glass is divided into positive and negative sides. The front is a glass mirror, which is used to reflect the light. When installing, the front should face the monitored room (that is, the space to be observed, such as the space where the criminal suspect is located) ; turn the opposite side towards the judge's position (i.e. the monitoring room).

2. The light intensity of the monitored room shall ensure sufficient brightness. The brighter and stronger the light in the monitored room, the more obvious the one-way perspective effect of the glass.

3. In order to achieve the best one-way perspective performance of the glass, ceiling lights are not installed in the monitoring room in principle, and other light sources are not allowed. If there is a window beside the monitoring room, it must be installed with opaque curtains, such as the sealed curtains used in hotels. When using, it is recommended to turn off all lights in the monitoring room.

4. If it is necessary to use lights in the monitoring room, it is recommended to use point lights, such as writing table lights (the lampshade is not transparent), to narrow the light range, and to control the light ratio between the monitoring room and the monitored room under the condition of 1:3, or a lower proportion, so as to ensure that the one-way transparency of the glass is intact. Note: the light cannot be installed directly behind the glass, so as to prevent the image of the personnel in the monitoring room from reflecting on the glass surface.

5. In order to enhance the overall reflectivity of unidirectional glass, it is recommended to install spotlights above or below the glass mirror to enhance the overall reflectivity of the glass mirror and enhance the unidirectional perspective effect of the glass.

6. The actual distance between the monitored personnel and the one-way perspective glass shall be kept at least 1 m.

7. The unidirectional perspective glass is special glass, and attention shall be paid to protect the glass mirror surface during installation. Once the mirror surface is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

This is the end of this issue. How much have you learned from the above knowledge? More about the latest industry trends of one-way perspective glass, please pay attention to our official website for more exciting content.